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In the movie “The Miracle Worker,” when Annie Sullivan pumps water into blind, deaf Helen Keller’s hand and makes the sign for Water, Helen realizes for the first time that things have names and there is a way to communicate. Her whole face and being light up with incredible joy! When Tina sent me home with my new hearing aids and I heard for the first time sounds other aids hand’t captured for years, like my car’s directional signals and my dear friend’s high, thin voice – I lit up with the same joyful excitement. My former lifestyle can now return! I can return to many of the activities I had to give up because I couldn’t keep saying, “What?” Tina, you truly are a Miracle Worker. Judy, Phoenix, AZ



Tina gave me a thorough hearing test and fit me with a pair of hearing aids. I could hear conversations clearly again and no longer felt so isolated from conversations! I became more active and felt more connected with my wife, family, and friends.Jerry Foster, Phoenix, AZ
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Read More of Jerry’s Story – Click Here!



Terry Rapp loves his new Siemens Binax Hearing Aid.
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I now hear different tones that complete and add color to the sounds around me. Sounds again have edges and a rich fullness I didn’t realize I had missed hearing. I was never one to marvel at the difference between regular and stereo sound, but now there is definitely a difference. With these hearing aids, I’m not just hearing in stereo, I’m hearing in stereo surround sound.Terry, Phoenix, AZ


I spent a lot of time researching different companies to go to for Pat’shearing test and then hearing aids. I found your website and liked the fact that you are a person who battles with hearing loss personally. I thought you would have greater empathy for what Pat is going through.

I went to several other sites but kept coming back to yours over a couple days. I just let my instinct guide me and I am happy that I did. You were very informative, compassionate, and knowledgeable. You set boundaries and proper levels of expectation.

I know you probably earn a lower commission going through Humana than with other brands, but that did not deter you from giving the same level of service. You made us both feel very comfortable.

I understand that adjusting to the new hearing aids is a process that will take time. That being said, the difference already has been amazing. She hears the birds in the morning, there is much greater clarity in all environments, and the constant ringing is much lower. Our communication is improving as she adjusts to the new hearing aids. We were in a noisy restaurant Wednesday in Tucson and she changed modes on her phone app. All the background noise went away. It was amazing. Pat loves the phone app. This is a life changing experience. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to answer all our questions, educate us in what to expect and how to use/care for the hearing aids. Your passion for what you do clearly shows that you provide exceptional care in your business practice and in the way you treat your clients.

Pat and I have been married for over fifty years. Our goals in life today are focused on improving our quality of life and enjoying each day as we continue our journey. You have made a major contribution and we are eternally grateful.

Jim & Pat, Phoenix, AZ


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