My name is Jerry Foster and I was the first TV helicopter pilot in the country. I worked for many years developing news stories for TV news and assist law enforcement in tracking down criminals. After I retired 15 years ago, I realized that there had been changes to my hearing. I decided to get my hearing checked and went in to see Tina at Exceptional Hearing Care. She said the noise exposure from flying the helicopter daily was part of my problem. Tina gave me a thorough hearing test and fit me with a pair of hearing aids. I could hear conversations clearly again and no longer felt so isolated from conversations! I became more active and felt more connected with my wife, family, and friends.

I have worked with Tina now for six years and recently she fit me with an updated pair of Siemens hearing aids. They worked even better than the first pair that she fit me with. I find Tina to be knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. I certainly recommend that anyone feeling like they are missing out on conversations or life experiences because of their hearing should go and see Tina.

I feel blessed to have found Tina and that she was able to help me once again enjoy a normal lifestyle.

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