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Exceptional Hearing Care provides you with over 30 years of combined experience in hearing health and technology.

Our motto is Your Hearing, Our Passion because we are so passionate about what we do.

The ability to hear connects us to the outside world and it is such a vital aspect of a healthy, connected, and active lifestyle. Personally affected by hearing loss, we understand the daily struggle those with hearing loss face and it is our mission to alleviate those struggles and get our clients on a healthier path right away.




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Bary E. Williams, Au.D.dr-bary-williams-150x150

Born with hearing loss, Dr. Bary struggled in his early life to be completely engaged in the world around him. School could be difficult as he couldn’t understand his instructors. In his early career, work situations could be difficult as he would mishear instructions and his bosses would mistake his hearing loss for insubordination. It was frustrating.

It wasn’t until he tried a modern hearing aid at the insistence of a colleague that his life changed forever. He discovered that he was actually pretty good at learning. He was in his mid-twenties when hearing aids changed his life, and he spent the subsequent decades being an evangelical for hearing healthcare.

He slowly went back to school to obtain his masters and eventually his doctorate in audiology while working on the front lines as a hearing aid specialist during the day.

Dr. Bary believes that hearing aids will change lives, just as they did his. Being able to hear properly increased his confidence and empowered him to go back to school and be successful. He knows the difficulties hearing loss can present, difficulties he spent years ignoring so he could just get by.

When he finally got treatment, he realized the daily compromises he made for his hearing loss instead of getting treatment just weren’t worth it. The extra stress it added would have shaved years from his life. And statistics are now showing men with hearing loss have a higher mortality rate and are three times more likely to fall and injure themselves. The latest research is tying hearing loss to dementia, depression, and even heart disease. Hearing is incredibly important for a healthy, well-rounded life.

Dr. Bary refuses to sell hearing aids that he would not wear himself, and he has personally tested all of the products offered.

Dr. Bary has been in practice for over 30 years and has worked for several of the largest hearing aid manufacturers.



Tina Patton, BC-HIS – Director

Living in Arizona for over 20 years, Tina has worked in hearing healthcare for nearly a decade. She is Arizona Board licensed and has been certified by the National Board in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

In her late twenties, Tina’s brother, Bary, discovered her hearing loss. A doctor of audiology, he noticed she was missing certain sounds and phrases. Born with a congenital hearing loss, Bary had worn hearing aids since he was five years old. Tina has worn hearing aids now for over 20 years. With her brother as mentor, Tina began working in the hearing healthcare industry several years ago. They worked together in Peoria and Mesa, and now Tina has her own office in Ahwatukee, where she currently resides.

Dealing with her brother’s and then her own hearing loss, Tina knows what a toll it takes on communication, not only with family but also, work associates and friends. She has a teenage son and is reminded daily how important communication is. Remembering how difficult it could be to communicate with her brother growing up, she feels empathy toward her son when she isn’t wearing her hearing aids.

Tina believes in a holistic rehabilitation process. Her goal is not to sell you hearing aids, but to help you hear and enjoy life again. As you can see on the blog, hearing loss is now linked to dementia, short term memory loss, heart health, balance issues, and more. Good hearing is vital to a healthy and active lifestyle. Tina looks forward to meeting and assisting you to better hearing health!


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